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Perfectly Imitate A Real School Of Minnows

The solution to your fishing troubles is “biting on your hook” right now…

These Goins Outdoors high-resolution school of minnows lures you are looking at right now have everything you need to go from “zero to hero” – whether you want to catch bass, trout or crappie by the cooler-load!

High Resolution Color Design – These lures feature hand-picked lifelike colors that have been painstakingly manufactured in high resolution so your fish won’t even know what hooked it!

Life-Like Swimming Action – These lures sink smoothly into the water and wobble enticingly for fish. Even better, they have a steel ball inside which rattles. When your next big fish hears that noise, they won’t even think twice about biting!

Treble Hooks With Barbs – Ultra sharp hooks that simply latch on and never let go.

The Best Part? They Work In Almost Every Situation

Saltwater, freshwater – for catching bass, trout and crappie. Minnows are native to all of these waters and perfect bait for all big fish – plus, these durable lures are sealed to prevent corrosion, making them virtually invincible in all situations.

Makes an outstanding gift for the men and dads in your life. Get yours today!

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  1. Jeremy

    Beautiful, This is a great christmas present for any angler. The wood box was a surprise. It’s a beautiful gift.

  2. Jennifer T.

    Fast Shipping & So Cool, My Husband & son love these

  3. Kelley

    Gift was a hit! I got this as a retirement gift for my coworker. He is looking forward to the weather breaking soon so he can get out on the water!

  4. Sara

    Good quality product. Very nice packaging. Looks like a school of minnows. Bass love them

  5. GREG

    I love the design of these lures, caught my personal best catfish on the purple lure. So excited to use these in the James River.

  6. Kelly M.

    I can’t say if these lures work well, since I don’t fish. I bought them as a present for my dad who is a bass fisherman. I can say they were very pretty, and he seemed to like them. If he wins any big tournaments this summer with them, I will post an update.

  7. Joe C.

    Beautiful lures and perfect as a gift
    Gave this set as a Christmas present, and the receiver loved it! The lures are beautiful and special and the wooden box is a great addition. Very satisfied!

  8. Tony S

    Product is well designed. Nice packaging. Looking forward to using all different lures.

  9. Steve

    These lures look amazing and the wooden box they come in is a nice touch!

  10. Steve

    I fished the gold/green crankbait two weekends ago and caught 13 bass and 1 crappie w the largest bass being 3lb 10oz.
    I fished the purple crankbait last weekend and caught 19 bass with the largest being 5lb 3oz as well as a few 3’s and 2’s in the mix.
    I plan on fishing the blue crankbait this weekend w the same results.
    They just catch fish!!!

  11. Steve

    Here’s a link to the 5lb 3oz bass I caught on the purple crankbait:
    Here is a link to a 10lb 8 7/8oz Bowfin on the blue crankbait:

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